A Little Bit About…The Colour Yellow

There’s always something you forget when you’re going on a trip, isn’t there? Recently, I forgot my headphones – not the worst case scenario, but frustrating nonetheless. On the hunt for some new ones in the limited array of airport shops (side note – why do I always browse airport shops as if there’s going to be something brand new and exciting, something that’s not the same standard WH Smith or Boots you get at almost every airport across the UK?), I got side tracked and decided to buy a book instead. Those that know me, know that my first choice of entertainment would never be a book. Cosmopolitan magazine at a push, but never a book. Even with hindsight, I can’t really tell you why I decided to buy it other than one small fact: that it was yellow. The cover stood out immediately. Then, when I looked closer, it was called “The Yellow World”. It looks yellow AND it’s called yellow, sold! Why? No idea. Good to know I’m a complex individual isn’t it….?

Since going off on a tangent is one my (not so) many talents, this then made me think about what the colour yellow meant to me. Funnily enough, something I hadn’t ever thought about, because, well, why would I. I’m aware there are a multitude of studies and theories about what certain colours make us think and feel and why, so without attempting to pen a ground-breaking theory on colour psychology and buyer behaviour all because a yellow book cover convinced me to buy it, here’s what comes to my mind when I think of the colour yellow:

1) Sun – no explanation necessary (again, a great demonstration of how advanced I am as a human being….yellow sun, blue sky, green grass. The depth of my personality really is astounding, isn’t it?)

2) Spain – Spain holds such a big place in my heart as I have so many fond memories there over the years, I’ll forever feel part of me is at home when I see the red and yellow flag

3) Sunny D – remember that “fruit juice” we used to convince our parents was good for us? In hindsight that ghastly luminous colour probably turned our insides yellow but boy oh boy did it taste good!

4) My Personal Trainer’s shoes – because luminous yellow trainers hurt my eyes in the gym at 6am every morning

5) Cheese – this one cuts me deep, real deep! I used to put cheese on EVERYTHING, there was nothing that didn’t taste better without some cheese. Then I found out my severe headaches and migraines were due to a lactose intolerance so adios cheese for me!

6) McDonalds – seeing those golden arches at 3am on the way home from a night out, when the taxi ride feels like a never ending rollercoaster

In summary…nothing particularly profound or insightful. So who knows what the meaning is behind me buying it beyond it being bright and shiny!

Anyway, now back to the book. I hadn’t read anything by this author before (I hadn’t read anything in ages to be perfectly honest) yet strangely, he had me hooked almost instantly. The author himself overcame a long battle with cancer throughout his adolescence, and albeit many of the stories in the book are related to his experiences during that period, the book isn’t only relatable to people who have been through a similar circumstance. In fact, it’s about small, everyday lessons he has learnt over the years and how they can change our day to day lives. The “yellow” reference throughout the book is about certain people that come into your life: the right people at the right place at the right time. They might not stay for long (or forever), they might not even seem important at the time, but their impact – no matter just how big or small – resonates with you forever. When I read that, suddenly I started thinking of all the “yellows” in my life throughout the years. And by that I mean the actual people, not just the many, many, many (MANY) McDonald’s and Sunny D’s I’ve had.

Conclusion? I’m a lucky girl. I’m surrounded by yellows. Recommendation? Think about your own yellows, and if you fancy, grab a copy of the book


One thought on “A Little Bit About…The Colour Yellow

  1. Amazing! You craic me up, but also you brought a tear to my eye… I feel you on the cheese. My heart broke reading that, I too can no longer eat cheese due to a dairy intolerance! So devastating. Brilliant read! Will certainly be looking up the book 🙂


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