A Little Bit About…Mums

I’m at a funny stage in life whereby some of my cousins and my best friends are mums to their own children, meanwhile I still ask my mum to phone the dentist for me when I need an appointment (anyone else in that boat? I guess I’m learning we never really grow out of that, no matter what age). But no matter who the mum figure in your life is, or what your definition of mum may be, it seemed fitting to do a little post about all the great mums out there in the world since today is Mother’s Day back home in the UK.

I’ve been fortunate to always have my mum by my side. She’s my personal assistant, comfort blanket, body guard, fashion advisor, therapist, personal shopper, taxi driver, cheerleader and number one fan all wrapped up into one 5ft 2½ inch woman (if I’ve learnt anything about keeping her happy, it’s that the aforementioned ½ an inch is important!). A real life superhero.

Over the last 29 years, I’m pretty certain I’ve racked up quite a lot of daughter-debt in time, money and energy to both her and my dad. Between keeping me fed and watered and always spending quality time with me, to staying up to all hours of the night (deliberately not going to specify here whether I am referring to when I was a crying baby or to the countless times I have had one glass of wine too many and came home from the pub too late). The point is, I owe you a whole lot. But since I’m so wonderful, let’s just call it even, okay? 😉

We might not always look alike (everyone normally says I look like my dad much to mum’s annoyance haha), we might not share the same taste in clothes, music or TV shows, and we might not always have agreed on whether or not I should tidy my room when I was younger, but we do most certainly have one thing in common: the DNA which somehow enables us to get ourselves into ridiculous situations! I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t your daughter, I wouldn’t have done even half of the silly things which have enabled me to create content for this blog (let’s make ourselves feel better and call them “life experiences”, shall we?). But what can I say, I wouldn’t change you or our (very high) probability of getting into ridiculous situations for the world.

Anyway, just like us (I’m also only 5ft 2½ inches), I’m not going to say too much else and keep this short and sweet. Love you mum!


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