A Little Bit About…Friends

I don’t know about everyone else, but being in quarantine (day 39 for me) has shown me how many great friends I have in my life. It’s unusual for everyone, all over the world, to come to a halt at the same time the way we all have recently due to the COVID-19 outbreak. And I guess one of the positives to come out of the surreal situation is that we can all, to some extent, understand and empathise with what each other are going through…because you’re going through it too, albeit to a varying degree depending on personal circumstance.

I honestly feel like the luckiest girl on the planet knowing I have so many amazing friends and family around me for support (sorry, should have given you some kind of cringe alert there in case you wanted to avert your eyes to such a girly gush of emotion). It got me thinking a lot – no matter how frequent or infrequent you keep in contact or whether you know a little or a lot about each other’s lives, friendships can make everything better.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never been one of those “one best friend” kind of girls. In fact, I’m the opposite. I have so many groups of great friends that I thought it might be fun to talk through some of the different types of friends I have and see how many of you guys can relate. Now there’s no one “recommended” type of friend, nor is one category more important than the other. It’s just my take on some of the amazing people I have the privilege of calling my friends:

THE FOREVER FRIEND: also known as the OG. These could be friends you made back on your first day of school, family friends or childhood friends and have generally been around so long they now form part of the furniture! The best thing about these guys is that they probably know and remember more about you than you do yourself. But that comes with a down side…they also normally have the most ammunition to use against you in an embarrassing maid of honour or best man speech!

THE UNI FRIEND: Even if you didn’t go to University, I bet you everyone still has THAT group of friends which were the first people you met out-with the group of OGs, and who probably shared similar interests and goals to you. In my case, I met people who share a passion for learning languages and travelling to new places, and who to this day are some of my biggest supporters in life. What is funny about this group of friends for me is that I STILL consider them to be my “newer” friends, despite the fact that our first day of University was actually 12 years ago (ahhh, how did that happen?).

THE FIRST JOB FRIEND: There’s always something about your first job being your first that makes it stick in your mind forever, even if that was years ago. The people around you at that time therefore tend to stick around too. If you’re lucky like me, they’ve literally stuck around, not just in your mind. These guys were are for you when a customer shouted at you for the first time, or when you received your first pay check and realised just how much the tax man takes at the end of each month. Those things bond you for life!

THE COLLEAGUE FRIEND: Now fast forward a few years after your very first job. You’re now in your current job but the people around you are just as important. Unfortunately, customers STILL shout at you and the tax man STILL takes money off your pay check every month. Therefore you need these guys around you to build you back up!

THE FRIEND OF A FRIEND: Have you ever met someone through a friend and hit it off just as well with them as with your actual friend? I love being able to consider some of my friends’ boyfriends, girlfriends, school friends, family etc. to be good friends of my own. It’s all about sharing the love, right?

THE SOUL SISTER: Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, “Wow, there’s two of us”? There’s no better feeling than knowing there’s someone else out there who is just as neurotic as you or someone who loves that TV show that all your other friends hate. This is a rare find, but boy is it a special one!

THE POLAR OPPOSITE: Do any of you have a friend who is the complete opposite of you? And you sometimes wonder how on earth the two of you get on? I love this type of friend. There’s no one better to call you put when you’re being needy, or selfish or pedantic. They tell you exactly how it is and make you see that there’s always another side to the story.

THE OPPOSITE SEX FRIEND: This one can sometimes be controversial as unfortunately even in today’s society, some people see a guy and girl being friends and assume there’s something “romantic” between them. When that is not the case at all, nor should it be. I’m lucky to consider some of the guys in my life as my best friends and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

THE “SITUATIONAL” FRIEND: Now this type of friend sometimes gets a bad rep, and I really don’t understand why. There’s something beautifully mature and realistic about being able to recognise you were friends with someone at a certain point in life because you were both in the same situation at the same time. And if you’re not now, making it harder to keep up the friendship…that’s okay too!

Whether you are the loud one, the loyal one, the wild one, the smart one or the late one, I can bet you are a better friend to more people than you even realise. Friends for me are everything, they really do become your family. However, what I don’t want people to take away from this post is some unattainable view of friendship whereby everything’s rosy and everyone loves each other 24/7. One of the best parts about friendship is laughing and making fun of each other (as long as it’s in gest) and being up front and honest, even when we don’t want to hear it.

We can’t all have Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica in our lives. But we sure can try and get close!


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