A Little Bit About…Lockdown

Up until now, I’ve tried to avoid doing a post specifically about lockdown or Coronavirus, because lets face it, who am I to tell you things you should or shouldn’t do while self-isolating? If you want to use this time to learn 3 new languages, to bake 3 loafs of banana bread a week and to Marie Kondo your entire house, go for it. If you want to do only one or none of those things, that’s okay too. I’m on day 46 of lockdown and I have had all kinds of days so far; some where I’ve been so productive I even ironed my couch cover and cushion covers (don’t know about you, but that was most definitely a first for me!), then other days where all I want to do is lie about and watch TV. I’ve also had the odd day where even watching TV feels like too much.

While personally I feel that having a routine does me good (things like working from home Monday to Friday, having certain videocalls planned in with friends and family), the key to survival for me has been doing what I want when I feel like it. The only rule of quarantine (apart from the ones the Government puts in place….) is that there are no rules. Want to have a kale and spinach smoothie for breakfast on Monday to kick start the week? Go for it, I fully support it. End up having 2 chocolate chip cookies for breakfast by the time it comes to Tuesday? That’s acceptable too.

 The rest of this week’s post is a little bit different, in that I’ve written a poem. A poem about my attitude towards lockdown. Over the past few years I’ve found I really enjoy writing poems. The ones I’ve done have all been very light-hearted and (attempting to be) humorous, and all for family and friends for birthdays or special occasions. I’m no expert, but it’s something I find quite enjoyable and one of the best ways to focus my mind and avoid it spiraling into overthinking. So here it goes, A Little Bit About Lockdown…

How many people have made a bucket list over the years?

Of all the things they want to do to conquer their fears.

I know I have, in fact I’ve thought about it quite a bit.

But it has more things “still to do” than I’d like to admit.

If you’re anything like me, which I’m sure many of you are,

Your lists will not belimited to things like just travelling far.

You’ll want to do something different, something special, something more,

Something you never even really thought possible before.

Like saving someone’s life, how amazing would that be?

But am I really capable, just little old me?

I’m certainly not a doctor, if only I knew how.

I never thought it would be possible, that was until now…

We’re in a brand new world, one we’ve never seen before,

Where we have to think twice before we even open the front door.

We have to remember every day to maintain social distance,

Is this really happening, is this our new form of existence?

Yes, we’re all anxious and our emotions are up in the air,

And our biggest decision each morning is what pyjamas to wear.

The big event of each day is getting to take out the bins,

Followed by making some dinner and having a few mid-week gins.

Our body clocks and sleeping patterns are all out of sync,

We’re at a loose end and our nerves are on the brink.

But despite all of the days beginning to merge into one,

We applaud the key workers and all the great work they have done.

Because we have the ability to stay positive in our mind

And choose what to tell our grandkids about that time we were confined.

Yes, the entire world stayed home because Coronavirus was rife,

But I choose to call it “that time I stayed home and saved a life”.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit About…Lockdown

  1. Dawn,

    You’re so talented, I love your blogs and I think your poems are amazing….and this one managed to bring a wee tear at the end 😢😍🌈 stay safe and looking forward to your next blog and hopefully another wee video chat xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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