A Little Bit About…Being Disaster Prone

My Dad jokes with me all the time that I’m “high maintenance”. I’m just one of those people that attracts ridiculous situations. I’m not actually high maintenance (at least I hope not), but if someone’s going to fall, spill something, or get stuck somewhere…it’s me. I’m THAT girl. It’s got it’s advantages – I mean what would I even write about in my blog every week if this sort of stuff didn’t happen to me? – but naturally, it’s got it’s down sides too…like the very literal falling, spilling of drinks and getting stuck in lifts. To name just a few events that have happened to me recently…

As much as I’d like to deny it and pretend I’m cool and collected 24/7, I have to admit to being a full-on calamity Jane. And this week was just one of those weeks where I couldn’t help but laugh at how true that really is sometimes.

It started last Sunday, I went away for the day with a friend of mine for a spot of lunch and a drink. Half an hour into our lunch, I somehow spilt my glass of white wine down my white blouse. Not a complete disaster, but not a great look having half a see-through blouse!

Monday went relatively smoothly, no complaints.

But then came Tuesday. I was still half asleep while switching off my phone alarm while lying down, and somehow I managed to drop my phone on my own face from above….and burst my lip open. Forty five minutes and an ice-pack later, it finally stopped bleeding. Thank goodness for having to wear a mask all day in work, that’s all I can say.

Wednesday was going pretty well and I was all set to go to boxing after work. Until I got there and realised I had a bag full of kit…..but no trainers. Rookie mistake. Rushed home to pick them up and head back for a later class….only to realise the next classes were fully booked. That’s what I get for trying to be fit and healthy, right?

Thursday, I went to the post office to pick up a lovely surprise parcel from home. But no thanks to Brexit, even that turned into a song and a dance. Aside from my poor mum already paying tracked delivery from her side, I had to end up paying ridiculous customs fees all because they now inspect the packages. Ugh!

Friday, again relatively smooth sailing.

I spent Saturday out and about all day with various groups of friends, soaking up the sunshine. Then I was on my way out for dinner with friends on Saturday night when the ankle strap on my sandals broke half way to the restaurant. And what was worse was it one of those ones where there is no possible way to keep the shoe on your foot without it. Thankfully I managed to tie a knot in it to at least get me to the restaurant and then home again later. Albeit my that point I could hardly feel my foot thanks to the very tightly tied strap round my ankle.

So out of a 7 day week, I had 2 disaster free days. Are those good odds? Who knows! The main thing is that I’ve at least learnt to laugh at myself. And I thankfully don’t seem to be the only one out there…DISASTER PRONE PEOPLE UNITE!


One thought on “A Little Bit About…Being Disaster Prone

  1. 🤣oh Dawn, you did make me laugh 😂 at least on Wednesday you kept fit by rushing home for your trainers and back again !!! 🤣😘🤣


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